# Welcome to CloudOptimo Docs

# What is CloudOptimo?

CloudOptimo is Continuous Security and Cost Optimization Platform. Companies can leverage our Cloud Cost Optimization featuers to optimize their Cloud Spendings up to 90% leveraging their OptimoGroup and OptimoMapReducer product platforms. They can also gain deeper insights into their spending variables using intuitive dashbaords. CloudOptimo's Savings Analyzer will automatically help you find out saving opportunities like rightsizing, reducing idle resources etc.

# Using These Docs

# Getting Started Guide

We have arranged this documentation in such a way that you can get started very easily by following Getting Started Guide. This guide provides overview information of the steps involved in setting up CloudOptimo, connecting your clouds, and configuring and using some of CloudOptimo's key features.

# Cloud Cost Optimization

We have below main products which you can take advantage of to lower your Cloud Costs.

# Savings Analyzer

Savings Analyzer provides an automated way of inspecting your Cloud Infrastructure to detect oppotunities of Cost Savings. It will help you identify things such as Idle Resources, Rightsizing Opportunities etc. It helps you to follow the best tagging practices for AWS that can guide you to utilize CloudOptimo's other products using which you can reduce costs significantly. We highly recommend to use this to analyze environment just after your first Cloud Integration with CloudOptimo.

# OptimoGroup

Provides a centralized management console via which customers can monitor and launch their Autoscaling Clusters easily utilizing Spot Instances. It has an in-built Intelligent Bidder that always gets you the least expensive Spot Instance keeping reliability in mind. OptimoGroup allows Disk Persistence thereby ensuring that any termination of Spot Instances does not result in any data loss. It also supports Autoscaling to optimize resources well. Features like Scheduler allows customers to resize cluster size at defined time and frequency.

# OptimoMapReducer

A comprehensive cost optimization platform for Big Data Applications hosted on AWS Elastic Map Reduce(EMR) Service serves the crucial need for AI/ML companies to optimize their costs using Spot Instances. It is powered by an Intelligent Bidder that powers OptimoGroup as well.

# OptimoScheduler

OptimoScheduler helps you to implement a company-wide policy to reduce wastage of non-critical resources(in Staging, QA Setups) by running during working days/hours and make customers pay only for what they consume. With OptimoScheduler, you can easily configure custom start and stop schedules for your cloud resources like EC2, RDS instances, Auto Scaling Groups which will ultimately bring considerable cost savings to the table.