# Getting Started with AWS

Below are the steps we need to perform so that you can take complete advantage of CloudOptimo's capabilities to save costs and fortify your AWS Infrastructure.

# Allow access to your AWS Infrastructure through IAM policy

Security was designed into CloudOptimo from the beginning. We follow AWS best practices for cross-account access by utilizing cross-account IAM roles that only have the minimum required permissions. This role is setup by a Cloud Formation template during the signup process. Once in place, AWS will enforce that only the CloudOptimo account can assume this role, and only when a predetermined ExternalId generated during the signup process is provided. All access is also recorded and audit-able via Cloud Trail.

# Enable access to additional data

The Cost Explorer API enables you to programmatically query your cost and usage data. You can query for aggregated data such as total monthly costs or total daily usage. We utilize AWS Cost Explorer APIs to help you visualize hidden costs in your environment.